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The City Data Forum will be coming soon. Here you can ask questions about the city from schools, crime, traffic, restaurants, to even the weather! Please come back soon!

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Real Estate City Data Forum® is still under construction. City Home Data will soon be the best city information source for movers and city info seekers. Find City Data & City Information for Homes, Real Estate, Maps, Demographics, Schools, Shops, Restaurants. Find Income Data. Also come discuss the City Information in the City Forums before Moving!

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We will continue to expand our city list. Please be patient. City Data links may not be updated as the site is still under construction.

If you'd like to write information about your home city we would be happy to put up your content and credit you for the city information. We hope to build a good friendly community here where those who are planning to move to the city can get their questions answered by those who live there as well as get opinions about the city regarding all info from schools to crime to traffic to 'is there good food!?". Also it is the hope that once they move, they will be able to plug into the city community fast through these forums.

If you would like to take ownership over a city please drop us a line! Also any testimonials or comments about cities will be reviewed and posted!
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City Home Data is the best source to find City Data & City Information. But it is more than that. CityHomeData is looking to build a city centric community where people looking to move into a new city or community can meet and find answers to the many questions that often cannot be found online.

"How's the traffic if I commute from the Eastbay to Silicon Valley for work?"
"Are there any good chinese restaurants in the South San Francisco neighborhood?"
"The housing prices seem cheaper in the city of Hayward, why is that? Is it a bad city? Crime issues?"
"Can any mothers or fathers comment on the local elementary schools in Walnut Creek? I have young child starting school soon"

Help Build a Social City Community
At the moment we are at the beginning stages of development. The forums are not setup just yet. However we are hoping to get others - like you - involved in building out these city informational pages from which the forums will be linked. Moving to a new area and need answers? Live in the area and want to share your knowledge? We hope we can be that go-to spot where information and opinions can be shared online. Please send us ideas! We want you involved! If you want to help provide city information or even testimonials about your experience of the city we can put that to use and credit you for the info! Help make city home data the place to be!

If you are a coder or want beef up your resume by helping out great! If you want to write city content or city testimonials great! If you want to learn Search Engine Optimization by helping out on this site. Great! Drop as a line!

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Yea and we do the other things as well as shown below
Search Homes for Sale and the MLS in your Local City. Find city info on Demographics, Schools, Shops, Restaurants. Discuss or ask questions in our City Data Forum. This site will cater to people looking to move into a new city who want their questions answered. Questions about Neighborhoods or Traffic? Come discuss your city or city of interest in our Real Estate City Forums. Those who have lived in your city for many years, please come share your knowledge and experience and help new movers!